And another one!

Apparently, they were really mad about some comments from me on facebook. And decided to write another post immediately. And it's amazing. You know it's going to be good when they tell you before you even read it that it's going to be good. I'm guessing they're not referring to the record low temperatures hitting … Continue reading And another one!



Since writing this blog, I have been accused of all sorts of things by the Meg cult. I have been accused of being salty, jealous, bitter, a hater, a pedophile, creepy, and any number of things by those that think Meg Bitton is just a misunderstood, bullied, artist and the greatest thing since the second … Continue reading More…

Let’s talk about Meg Bitton Pt 2: The Controversy

DISCLAIMER: This blog has been edited since it's initial publication. It has been edited for spelling errors, grammar, clarity, tone, updates, corrections, and overall saltiness. Thank you.  So, if you're joining me for part 2, thank you. If you haven't read the first part, it's not necessary for context, but it will put a lot … Continue reading Let’s talk about Meg Bitton Pt 2: The Controversy